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The following items are available in VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES and on a first-come, first served basis. They are mostly distributor returns and items we recently discovered in storage. All in excellent, unopened condition. We are pricing them ridiculously ... for the simple price of $5 each. That means you can mix and match. Pick any 4 items for $20. Any five for $25. Any 10 for $50. NO SHIPPING CHARGES (if you're in the U.S.)! If that isn't a bargain to you then you don't know what a bargain is. Many of these items can no longer be found anywhere else so if you're thinking about buying something ... DON'T THINK, JUST DO IT! Remember - VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES.

Here are the SIMPLE ordering instructions:

1. Send an email to antidote.records@gmail.com with the subject line as "Garage Sale". In this email tell us what items you're interested in (including size, if it's a shirt).
2. We will make sure that what you want is still in stock. If not, we will let you know.
3. If your items are still in stock we will bill you via PayPal for the amount of your total order ($5 per item). If you don't already have a PayPal account don't worry. Setting up an account is easy and FREE.
4. Once we've received your PayPal payment we will then ship out your order on the next business day.

Son of Finkenstein (CD)
Released 2003

The Graveyard Boulevard
Toe Tags & Body Bags (CD)
Released 2003

The EverDead
Slumber Party Massacre II (CD)
Released 2003

Rock City Morgue
Some Ghouls (CD-EP)
Released 2003

Let Flowers Die (CD)
Released 2003

Trace of a Stranger (CD)
Released 2003

Jeff Gaither @ntiFEST '03 Poster
11 x 17

Rock City Morgue
Some Ghouls Promo Poster
18 x 24

Rock City Morgue
8 x 10 Promo Photo
Autographed by entire band

Antidote Records T-Shirt
2003 Logo
White Only

@ntiFEST '03
Slaughter at the SockHop T-Shirt
Bands List on Back

@ntiFEST '04
Las Vegas T-Shirt